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Improve the health of your soil with our natural range of Bio Carbon products
Healthy Soil. Healthy Food. Healthy Planet.
BioCarbon in the garden

CarbonSolutions Bio-Carbon Products are a premium range of quality soil conditioners that give your plantings the best opportunity for success by creating healthier soil. With just one application one of our premium bio-char products, you will increase the organic matter in your soil and help nutrients and water reliably get to the plant roots with great results for years.  As an added bonus, bio-char contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere by returning carbon to the soil.

Bio-char is not a new product. It is actually a solution for great soil health that has been forgotten over the years. With a gentle nudge, we are happy to help remind the world of its benefits.

CarbonSolutions is proud to be regarded as a manufacturing leader. Every decision is inspired by our main mission, by using invasive alien vegetation in the manufacture of our product.

CarbonSolutions  is based in the Overberg, Stanford area and operates from a fynbos farm. Invasive Alien vegetation is processed into finest grade organic Biochar with a high-quality (80%+) Carbon content.

 We are here to serve the landscaping, turf and farming industries to improve water retention and soil quality thereby maximising all plant growth.

Activated Charcoal / 100% Pure Organic

If you discovered a product with​ healing powers that not only detoxify the blood and body and restore energy to the muscles and mind but also provide antiaging benefits such as fighting wrinkles, combatting cancerous growth in cells, and maintaining memory and cognitive functioning, would you be intrigued?

CarbonSolutions developed a micro-fine powder from 100% organic Bio-Carbon in a vegan capsule for your well-being. 

Join the millions of people around the world who have become interested in the positive effects that Activated Charcoal can have on overall health and the quality of daily life.

Because holistic approaches archiving better health have become more widely accepted by the general public in recent years, Activated Charcoal is fast becoming one of the most popular natural wellness supplements.

By replacing the harsh additives and chemicals that are generally used by the food and drug manufacturers, Activated Charcoal can provide countless health benefits while freeing the body and brain of toxins that can lead to poor cognitive function, low energy levels, and pain.


Increase In Plant Growth
Proven in farms, labs, backyards and container gardens around the world. Use with your planting to produce healthier plants and more abundant crops.

Drought Resistance
Moisture is retained in the soil for longer due to the porous nature of the biochar structure. One gram (1 teaspoon) of carbon has the equivalent surface area of an entire sports field. The strength of the carbon remains intact for hundreds of years thereby providing your plants with a fighting chance during current and future dry seasons and drought.

Better Health For Your Soil
Plants remain healthier due to the required plant nutrients being retained in the soil for longer. There is a significant increase in microbial activity in your soil with bio-char. The porous carbon structure creates a perfect shelter for micro-organisms to inhabit and multiply without being washed out or leached from the soil. See improvements immediately using nature's natural processes… pure organic love!

Long-Lasting Soil Benefits
Once the carbon soil replenishment process has started you can simply maintain it with minimal replenishment of bio-char. It is still recommended that you allow the organic material (compost, turned over crops and other green matter you may have added) to decompose in and amongst an application of bio-char. The two work hand in hand creating a more sustainable nutrient ecosystem together with stored water provision.


BioCarbon structure

One gram (1 teaspoon) of carbon has the equivalent surface area of a sports field.


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