Flake / Crumbs / Powder

Soil Health Conditioner


This amazing water storing product will get your soil healthy again!- NATURALLY!


We manufacture high grade BioCarbon which is a high

 (80%+) fixed carbon product produced

through the process of thermal gasification of semi-hard invasive vegetation in the Overberg Area


BioCarbon had proven itself best permanent soil amendment

Use it pure as a Compost amender or "pre-load" BioCarbon

with micro-organism such as wurm juice

or other organic fertilizer


Give you soil BioCarbon…give it life!


Don’t delay!...Do it today!

BioCarbon Compost

Carbon & Chicken manure & Mushroom Compost

Soil Health Restoration



Nitrogen is volatile and released when in contact with oxygen.

We have combined the Carbon (20%) with natural composted Chicken manure and Mushroom Compost

A product that gives your soil fresh energy with micro-organism

and minerals for slow release.

Ready mixed if you don't have a compost heap

Easy to apply. Save water.

Effective right from the start!


Don’t delay!….Do it today!